Sunday, September 28, 2008

Introducing Baby Tang

Here is baby at 14 weeks!!  The dr.'s appt went really well and everything looks great at this point.  =-)  It was quite reassuring when the dr came in and asked us why my midwife sent us over and when we said "Parvo" he responded with "Is that it?"  There were quite a few pics taken of little baby, but this one was the most clear.  You can even see his/her profile!!  Josh has already had 2 dreams that baby is a boy, but who knows, maybe my Aunt Sue Ann is right about baby being a girl!?  

We took some time to look at baby names today....boy, that is hard!!  Most of the names I like, Josh doesn't and most of the names Josh like, I don't.  We still have plenty of time to decide, we'll come up with something.  Anyone have name suggestions??

Monday, September 22, 2008

This and that

Let me begin by answering some questions about the last blog:

The whole midwife thing...
Yes, we are using a midwife this time around, BUT that does not mean a home birth or all natural birth by any means (not in my case anyway.)  I like knowing that I'll be in a hospital where there are trained medical professionals and they will be able to step in if anything goes wrong.  I also like the fact that pain medication will be readily available if I so choose.  I talked to a few people before making the decision of a midwife over an OB to see what their experiences were.  I decided to go with the midwife this time for a few reasons 1) I was told they are able to spend more 1 on 1 time with you 2) I want to have a woman this first time around....figured it would help me ease into the whole "There goes my dignity" situation 3) I was told that the dr I would have seen is a little bit on the technical side (not a great bedside manner) and 4) Josh was fine with whatever I decided.  

Parvo side effects on Baby...
So, like I said, it looks like we have a very high percentage that baby will be just fine, but here are some of the possible complications due to the fact that I had Parvo.
*higher chance of miscarriage (about 4% more)
*anemia in baby (possible blood transfusions??)
*something called hydrops (?) where fluid can build up in baby
That's what we have been able to find through a bit of research, but we'll learn more at our appointment on Friday. 

Anyway, I've been feeling ok....just tired.  I had a few days where I had a TON of energy so I thought maybe the 2nd trimester had really kicked in....but no.  I am also starting to discover the joys of heartburn. =-)  If only I can get Josh to stop stealing my Tums.  Do any of you mommies out there have any good tips for the 2nd trimester???

Oh, and how can I forget.  This weekend Josh and I went to lunch with some friends and got to see a bit of a surfing contest, then went to see Burn After Reading (stange, but so funny).  Upon returning home Josh told's the good part....that I could take a nap while he went to the laundromat to do our mass amount of laundry!!!!  Yeah, he's awesome.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Little lime baby

I'm now about 13 weeks along and we got to hear the heartbeat on Tuesday.  =-)  Baby is about the size of a lime.  (Sorry for the unattractive picture, but I wanted you to see that I am starting to get a bit round.)  Right now I love my maternity pants....ahhh, the stretchy goodness.  

Josh and I had a bit of a scare on Monday as my midwife called to inform me that one of my lab results came back showing that I had parvo (no, it's not just a dog disease) either right before I got pregnant or sometime during the first trimester.  They knew I was at risk for this since I work with preschoolers.  I was at work when I got the call so I was thinking, "Great! What else are these little kids going to give me!?"  So, I pretty much freaked out.  She said there could be complications or it could be perfectly normal, but I needed to go get my blood drawn again and see a Perinatologist (dr who deals with higher than normal risk pregnancies).  Anyway, it looks like the odds are for us (80-95% chance that nothing will be wrong).  We see the Perinatologist next week.  Pray that everything will come back normal....and that I won't get any more fun germs from the kids at work.

My parents are in town for a bit visiting some friends who are camping nearby, so it's been nice to have the company. I'm looking forward to having the day off tomorrow so I can spend the day with them....unless I get called in to work.  Have a great Thursday!

Friday, September 12, 2008


I get to see him tomorrow night!!!  Sure, he'll be jetlagged...but at least he'll be with me!  =-)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte

My mom was here for a few days and it was awesome.  She got so much done around here that I have been putting off.  Our back room (that will eventually be baby's) has been filled with boxes that Josh and I shoved back there so we wouldn't have to look at them.  Then my mom comes and unpacks them and reorganizes in the 3 hours that I'm at work!!  And as if that were not amazing enough.....she made me a wonderful dinner of Bratwurst and Potato Pancakes...Josh isn't the only one getting amazing German food!  Yummy.  Thanks mom.  I usually only get this for my birthday dinner.  =-)
The next day was not so fun for me.  I had to get my blood drawn and I tend to get all worked up and nervous before hand.  I was doing pretty good until the lady said, "Hm, it's not working."  Are you SERIOUS??  Don't tell me that!!! So, then I start getting all light headed and dizzy.  I had to put my head down and they brought me water and gave me a cold towel for my forehead.  (Awkward.)  They had to move me to a bed so I could lay down.  They then proceeded to stick a larger needle into my other arm (yeah, that didn't feel so good) and take 5 viles of my blood.  Soooo glad that is over.  However, if I can't even handle a little blood being drawn, how am I going to deliver a baby?? The rest of the day was fun.  Mom and I went to the mall and looked at all the cute baby stuff.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

He made it

I just got a call from Josh!  We even got to video chat for a bit.  =-)  That made me a happy woman!!!  He made it to Germany.  Unfortunately his luggage didn't make it all the way, he should be getting it tomorrow morning.  

Friday, September 5, 2008

Missing my man!

Right now I'm curled up on the couch with my fluffy cat (ok, let's be honest, she's quite large) and missing Josh.  Unfortunately for me he is about to board an airplane for a business trip to Germany. =-(  He hasn't even been away from me a day (he still had to work today before the flight) and I already miss him terribly.  I've even been close to crying.  It could be the pregnancy hormones or just the fact that I really enjoy his company.  Come home to me soon babe!  

Us in Santa Cruz on our 3rd Anniversary
(hence the 3 fingers)

Here are a few pictures we took while waiting for fireworks at the Boardwalk:

I think he might be trying to eat me...

We ALWAYS look at each other like this!

Or is it always like this???  =-)

Luckily this wonderful woman (my mom!) is coming to keep me company for a few days! Thanks in advance mom!  I love you!

Oh yes, and today I am 11 weeks pregnant!  Getting closer... =-)