Monday, July 23, 2012

This, That & SeaWorld

First - an adoption update: We have decided to only pursue domestic adoption (infant relinquishments). We are plugging away at the paperwork and training and hope to be able to start our home study in the early fall.  It is definitely a nerve-wracking process.  I have found myself doubting if we should continue.  The emotional risks, the financial risks, possible heartbreak.  (But there are risks & uncertainties in everything...)  Fortunately this doubt is shorted lived.  Yes, there are risks.  Plenty.  So, I can either admit defeat and give up because I'm too scared OR I can trust that God is in control of the entire situation.  Even if we remain a family of 3, at least we will have tried.  All that to say - we are excited, overwhelmed by information and trying not to look too far ahead.  :-)

After the 4th of July we decided to go down to San Diego for a few days.  We took Natalie to SeaWorld and the San Diego Zoo.  Sea World is my happy place.  This was the first time Natalie had been to any type of amusement park - and I must say - I think it was the perfect place to start!  She loved watching the shows, being so close to all the animals, and there are even a few rides (think Dumbo & the Tea Cups at Disneyland) and a huge play area.  And the lines for the rides were only 10 minutes long!!  SCORE!!  (Although those 10 minutes were filled with 'Is it our turn now? Can we go on?' every minute.)  It was perfect.  We went to the Zoo the next day - and we were sorely disappointed (and exhausted).  After a whole day of performing animals and play areas the zoo was a bit dull - especially since most of the animals were in hiding that day.  Oh well.  All in all we had an amazing time in San Diego.
...Because nothing says SeaWorld quite like Sesame Street?

Probably her favorite animal at SeaWorld

And a few random things:

*Natalie has some imaginary friends named Hello Cat & Emily.  They live with us.  And go in the car with us.  Actually, if we do it - they are with us.  Their mom (also named Stephanie) lives with us too...and yet I'm always the one taking care of them.  Slacker.

*Sushi - who was once our beloved cat - is now a full time outdoor cat.  And I am LOVING it!!

*Josh was gone for the majority of last week.  I am beyond thrilled to have him home.  But, it was nice to go up to my sister's house and see 'the neighbors' on the way back home.  Natalie LOVED her cousin time.  If it wasn't for that 5 hour drive, we would see them every day.  :-)

Hopefully my next post will be less than 2 months from now.  No promises.

And here is Miss N gettin' her groove on at the 'Dance Club' at SeaWorld.  She is a dancin' fool.  <3